lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

iWorld: Good or Bad?

Many people have succumbed to the power of technology. Today, you couldn’t find a single person doing his every day activities without using a gadget or any tool that has been produced by the modern techs. Technology has ruled our planet, and has somehow made our lives more convenient and our tasks easier. This is in contrary to the beliefs of naysayers that someday robots will destroy the world.
Yes, these gadgets may have their downside -  teenagers spending more time on their phones rather than hanging out with friends, wooing done through social media and not face to face, and outdoor activities make no sense now-  but they also have a lot of advantages that can make the laziest person the best homemaker of all time.

Updated phones with so many functions, game consoles that simulates real life, cars that are voice activated, and many more. These inventions and their innovations may seem harmful to some people, but admit it, you don’t think you can survive this ever-changing world without the aid of technology, right? You might even be reading this article using one of those recently released smartphones. So, having an iWorld, is it good or bad?